NA ZD(O)ROWJE (2016/2017)

Every good east european celebration includes decency, folklore and a lot of alcohol. But what happens, if you open the first button of your dress or loosen the ties? The evening gets longer, the guests funnier and unrestrained. The social borders dissolve in ecstasy. But is it allowed to dance on the memorial ceremony?

Noemi Martone/Katerina Vlasova, Amadeus Pawlica/Lennart Huysentruyt

Dancers full evening piece:
Kihako Narisawa, Keith Chin

13.05.2016 Theater Osnabrück

On Tour:
10.07.2016 Theater Festival Lüneburg 2016
11./12.11.2016 TANZ KARLSRUHE 2016

07.11.2017 Theaterhaus Hildesheim

Premiere as full evening piece:

29.09.2017 Gallus Theater, Frankfurt am Main



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