The change of the seasons is a fundamental, collective, human life experience.
Everywhere where there are seasons on earth, they affect our lives, our rhythm, our understanding as a human being. They shape and change our world of ideas, our faith and therefore play an important role in art and culture.
In times of climate change and global warming, for us, as an artist, the occupation with the seasons that are changing is taking place at other times, causing climate catastrophes, causing natural catastrophes, famine, wars for water and the like artistic confrontation with Joseph Haydn ‘s seasons.
It is time to question the optimistic attitude. In the libretto of the oratorio there were still texts on the industrialization of the world, but Haydn did not think of how to convert this “noise” into music.
At the end of the 18th century, he stylized rural life as the highest property and the naturalness of nature as a desirable goal in contrast to life in the cities. For this reason, these texts on urbanization and industrialization once again arose in the further work.
For us it is interesting to get these lost, or rather never written, passages on the industrialization of the world back into the play.
Regarding the world today.
Therefore, in addition to the original music of Haydn, a band will be added who will make this “noise”, the sound, the counterworld, musically.
On the basis of our adaptation of the Oratorio “Die Jahreszeiten” (“The Seasons”), we want to rouse the viewer to perceive the planet Earth, which is our home, as protective and endangered.
And that is precisely why hope does not give up fighting for a better world.


Axel Brauch

Vlasova / Pawlica

Stage / Costume:
Gesine Pitzer

Annika Pinter

March 15, 2018 – Forum at the Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg