CLOWNS (2019)

Directors / Choreographers: Vlasova / Pawlica

Stage / Costumes: Michaela Kirsche

Premiere: 17.03.2019 Theater & Philharmonic Thuringia / Theater Altenburg

with actors of Theater&Philharmonie Thüringen, Teatrul National Craiova

Photo: Ronny Ristok for Theater&Philharmonie Thüringen

Welcome to the manege, welcome to circus Europe!  Here history is written and stories are told. Come closer and immerse yourself in this unique world!

Under the working title CLOWNS Theater&Philharmonie Thüringen will enter into an international cooperation with the Teatrul National “Marin Sorescu” Craiova, Romania, and the Circus Association KEJOS from Wrocław, Poland.

The cooperation partners will form an ensemble together, consisting of actors of the cooperating theaters as well as artists of the contemporary circus. In the international and interdisciplinary encounter, the team develops a unique crossover performance. What does it mean for a person’s self-image to be European? What connects us in Europe? What is European anyway?

The play takes place in the theater, whose stage is transformed into a circus ring. Circus as a microcosm. Pars pro toto. Clowns are people with different cultural roots, languages ​​and biographies. Despite all the differences this encounter brings, they have one common dream, one goal in mind: to develop a performance that manages to unite these different people and enchant the audience.