Katerina Vlasova (* 14.02.1986) and Amadeus Pawlica (* 05.04.1987) got to know each other at the Theater Lüneburg, where they also realized their first joint work “Der Weg”. Katerina Vlasova, who completed her education at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne, was engaged at the Theater Lüneburg from the season 10/11 to the season 14/15, before that as a guest dancer at Aalto Ballet in Essen.

Amadeus Pawlica, who completed his training at the Academy of Dance in Mannheim and at the Royal Ballet School in London, was employed at the State Opera Bydgoszcz in the season 09/10 , then from the season 10/11 to the season 11/12 at Theater Lüneburg and from the season 12/13 to 15/16 at Theater Osnabrück.
In January 2016, they decided to work together as choreographic duo Vlasova / Pawlica.

Their work was praised for its “incredible presence and virtuosity“.
A jury member of the Kaleidoscope Festival commented in his assessment: “They hit the real topics of young people and do so in an impressive way that no visitor can escape.”

The goal of the duo is to continue to expand the magic of theater and to attract young audiences. Choreographically, Vlasova / Pawlica attaches great importance to the quality and emotionality of the movement, pushing the body to its limits in order to open emotional worlds.